Sticky Memo Pad - Grid

Sticky Memo Pad - Grid


This pad complements the MD Notebook so that you can enjoy the writing comfort of MD Paper all the time. Add the MD Sticky Memo Pad to your collection of MD stationery and see how your writing possibilities grow.

MD Sticky Memo Pad is around 5mm smaller than the pages of the MD Notebook, so that you can add sheets to the MD Notebook. Stick them in and they fit so neatly that they look like part of the page. Expand on what you write in your MD Notebook by adding ideas on sheets from the MD Sticky Memo Pad.

  • paper cover

  • 5 mm grid

  • easy to write on both sides of sheets without stickiness or smearing

  • paper takes ink well and does not bleed

  • 80 sheets

  • A7 format (10.2 × 7.6 cm)

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