Diary Sticker - open-dated

Diary Sticker - open-dated


With no printed months or days, you can design the calendar of your diary the way you like. Have you ever written your plans in a calendar and found that there wasn’t enough space?
With stickers instead of printed months and days, MD Diary Sticker Free gives you all the freedom you need.

And since some months are so busy that one sheet isn’t enough, MD Diary Sticker Free comes with 16 blank sheets.

Made from MD Paper, the sheets of MD Diary Sticker Free will look like they were are always a part of your MD Notebook.

  • set of sticky 16 sheets

  • the first letters of the week are printed on every sheet

  • paper takes ink well and does not bleed

  • dimensions: 13.8 × 9.5 cm

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