10th Anniversary MD Paper Notebook - White Grid

10th Anniversary MD Paper Notebook - White Grid


The MD Notebook 10th Limited White Grid is made of Midori’s signature paper and featuring a 5mm grid in white. On each line the top part of the grid is left open, making the grid less visually distracting to let your writing stand out. Also, an important feature of the ink, is that when you were to photocopy the pages of this particular notebook, the lines of the grid are not visible on the photocopy.

The cream MD Paper pages are bound with the “Gakari” stitching method which enables the notebook to open entirely flat, no matter what section of the notebook.

  • wax paper cover

  • stitched binding

  • coloured bookmark ribbon

  • paper takes ink well and does not bleed

  • 176 pages

  • A5 format (21 x 14.8 cm)

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