10th anniversary 


MD Paper

MD Paper Products is a Japanese-made series of paper products with a focus on simplicity and thoughtful design of every aspect of the paper to make writing as easy as possible.

10 years ago, MD Paper designed the ultimate writing experience based on MD Paper, the original writing paper they developed in the 1960s. This paper was used at the MD Paper offices and has continually improved, based on their own experience. Over the years MD Paper researched other stationery products and decided to create their own products, obviously using their own high quality paper. This resulted in the ever-growing range of MD Paper Products, with a focus on writing and drawing products such as notebooks, notepads, pencils and envelopes.  

The designs might be simple and minimalistic but every single product is well-designed as well as well-made with a great eye for detail. MD Paper is able to make a simple product such as a notepad into a clever, functional and beautiful tool. 




10th Anniversary

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have released a limited-edition assortment of A5 notebooks with 10 different types of ruling, including storyboard, dotted lines and white grid. These lines provide a guide as you put your ideas on paper, for an even more satisfying writing experience.

There are also limited-edition brown and dark brown Cordoba paper notebook covers that coordinate perfectly with your MD Paper notebook.


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