Hi there!

My name is Sofie and I am the owner of Mofelito Paperito, a (web) shop dedicated to stationery and all kinds of paper goods. In 2014 the webshop went live and since November 2017 we opened a small brick-and-mortar shop right in the centre of Brussels. Vééééry exciting. 

What's with the weird name? 

When I was a child, my sister invented a nick name for me: Moffel, which doesn’t mean anything but which kind of fitted, and she still calls me that.
So when looking for names for the webshop I came up with Mofelito, which also has no meaning whatsoever.

I’ve always had a fascination for anything to do with paper. I adore the feel of paper and get very excited about fountain pens and pencils. I can’t possibly walk out of a museum without buying a pencil.

On this website you’ll find a personal selection of stationery products we like, made by designers from around the globe, produced on a small scale, often made by hand and where possible made from recycled paper with a FSC label and soy-based or natural ink.